Library Lady Book Review: Walking Salt Lake City

I love to see new places.  My motto – have money will travel.  The only problem with that is the have money part.  As we are experiencing a slight shortage of the green right now , my husband and I, along with the Lambs – our travel friends – have decided to explore our own corner of the world.

For Christmas last year one of my sons, gave me a book by Lynn Arave and Ray Boren entitled, Walking Salt Lake City.  In it are 34 walking tours, covering everything from urban paths, to historic downtown architecture. There are places listed in this book that I’ve never even heard of, and I’ve lived here 22 years. Time to see the sights.

For starters we took the “East South Temple: Time Traveling On Brigham Street, route.  It started on State street, took us up South Temple  to 13th East and back again.

One of the first places we visited was the Cathedral of the Madeline. Simply said, it’s magnificent.  Majestic and moody on the outside with gargoyle water spouts lurking above, the interior of this gothic edifice takes your breath away. The sun sparkling through gorgeous stained glass windows, gives the carved wooden alters and painted murals  an other-worldly quality, and to add to the moment, we happened in during a music rehearsal. A  bass baritone and his accompanist gave us an  impromptu opera, which showcased the building’s acoustics.

Also on the agenda were several  beautiful  homes and stately mansions. The tastiest stop on the tour was the Sawadee Thai food restaurant, where we paused for lunch, and for dessert we headed to Mrs. Backers Pastry Shop.  On one of her glass display case was a sign that said:

A great many things can be solved with kindness, even more with laughter, but there are some things that just require cake.Photo0063 I agree.

 Mrs. Backer offered many fine examples of this great problem solver.

All in all, our tour was great fun.This book includes step by step directions for each walk, and detailed histories of every stop. The authors have obviously done their research, and I look forward to spending much more time Walking Salt Lake City.


5 thoughts on “Library Lady Book Review: Walking Salt Lake City

  1. So happy to have you here on wordpress – I’ll give you a shout out over on my blog and see if I can get you some buddies! I can’t wait to see more of your posts. Hope one of your walks takes you over to the Gilgal Gardens on 5th south and about 7th east, it’s a fascinating hidden jewel and super close to down town (and free!).

    • Really? When were you in Salt Lake? I was in Ireland in 2004 – we were in the south, Shannon airport – Waterford, Dublin, Clonmacnoise etc. I’ve never gotten over the fact that people have random bits of castles in their back yards.

      • Oh you were in Ireland the same year I was in Canada and the States 🙂 Did a 3000 mile loop car trip from Vancouver to Las Vegas and back. Best holiday I ever had.

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