Life: Night at the Museum

I recently spent an evening at the Utah Natural History Museum.  It was library night for our summer reading club and I got to help.  Hundreds of children read thousands of books this summer, and received a free pass to the museum as a prize.

The kids had a blast. So did I.  it was like being bounced around in a sea of enthusiasm.  It was fun to see tiny tots hauling their parents up the stairs, anxious to make dinosaur hats and have their pictures taken with Tyrannosaurus Rex. Then on to the simulated earthquake and the dinosaurs bones! Oh the joy!

I haven’t always been a museum fan, but over the last few years I’ve come to appreciate them for what they are – treasure troves of fascinating facts and mind-boggling moments in time.

On my lunch break, I checked out this particular gold mine. An hour didn’t begin to do it justice. There was  a great section on natural disasters which covered everything from forest fires to tsunamis. One display even had you standing in the middle of a category six tornado. Bring on the hair spray!

Then there were the dinosaurs . . . what can one say.  As I stared in open-mouthed horror at the jaws of a prehistoric crocodile that was the size of a bus, I was truly grateful it was a thing of the past.

I’ve lately been lucky enough to visit several excellent museums. The DeWitt Fine Arts Center in Colonial Williamsburg for one, along with the nearby, Insane Asylum Museum. Trust me, going off your rocker in that particular time period was not a good idea.On the same trip we checked out the Jamestown Settlement, and the Yorktown Victory Center.

Earlier this year, my husband, some friends and I visited, the Kon Tiki, the Fram, the Maritime, and the Viking Ship Museums in Oslo Norway. Amazing stuff indeed. Imagine a pair of viking shoes preserved from the seventh century or . . . just look at this picture.

PENTAX Image Museums – I’m hooked. And so are a lot of Utah County kids from the looks of things on Library Night.  Programs like these are invaluable. How many future archeologists, paleontologists and seismologists will look back and credit this program and others like it as their inspiration?

The only problem now is that I’m starting to wonder if I’ve missed my calling. Like I said, I love museums, but I also love the library.  Maybe I could work in a museum library. Is there such a thing? One thing is four sure though, my desk is going to be far away from the dinosaurs.

           One last thing – Check out this fun book,  The Museum, by Susan Verde

museum    Quote from the book:

   “When I see a work of Art, Something happens in my heart.”

             LL and Rosie Bear give it two paws up.

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2 thoughts on “Life: Night at the Museum

  1. I took my daughter, when she was about eight, to the dinosaur exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London. You had to go along a special glass walkway, and all the dinosaurs were underneath, although some of them still towered over us. They had a nest of dinosaur eggs too and some chicks (if that’s the right term) and my daughter was convinced they were real. She didn’t know whether to gasp with terror or excitement. Best day ever. Long live museums.

    • Thanks Elaine, Congrats on your Lovely Blog award. I loved your statement about scrapbooking – “will stick everything attractively in books”. Perfect description of a failed hobby. At this point I’m lucky if I stick things unattractively in books.
      I’ll read some of your blog recommends.

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