Writing In You Head: Part Two

Part Two – The Cons

As stated before, you can write in your head any time and anywhere, which brings me to the one disadvantage of this activity.  If you get too into your thought process, it’s easy to forget where you are or what you’re really supposed to be doing. Example – astounded by the dazzling descriptive passage that has just flashed into my brain, I feverishly attempt to commit it to memory. Neurons race and synapses click until finally the process is complete.  Mission accomplished, I blink and realize that I’m standing in front of an open refrigerator, but haven’t a clue as to why. Beware; with this level of potential distraction, one must take precautions. In other words, there are good and bad times to write in your head. For example –Good Times to Write in Your Head

  1. While waiting in line at the grocery store.
  2. While on eternal hold with your cell phone provider.
  3. While stuck in the doctor’s office with nothing but pharmaceutical catalogs for company.
  4. While loafing in bed on a Saturday morning. Or during your morning shower. (It’s amazing how articulate you can be when you’re fresh from a good nights sleep.)
  5. While cleaning house or doing other mundane and repetitive tasks.

There are other times though, when you really need to be in the moment. These are:

Bad Times to Write in Your Head

  1. While discussing your latest budget blunder with your spouse.
  2. When your brain clicks on at 4:00 in the morning.  (You’ll never get back to sleep if you start writing.)
  3. While performing surgery, controlling air traffic, life guarding at the pool etc. (For – hopefully – obvious reasons.)
  4. While operating heavy machinery or a motor vehicle – way too dangerous. (It’s one thing to incinerate a batch of cookies because you’re lost in thought, quite another to run a red light.)

Speaking of cookies, it occurs to me that I have a new recipe.  A mouth-watering vision of warm cookies begins to penetrate the fog of paint fumes. There’s nothing better than melted chocolate chips and a glass of cold milk.  I suddenly realize that my current location – guest room with newly painted walls – has lost its appeal. This brings me to another advantage of writing in your head; it’s a highly mobile activity. In fact, (just to prove the point), I think I’ll put down my paintbrush and go write in the kitchen for a while.  Bon appetite!


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