Five Minute Friday Write – Good Dog Lucy


I have a dog named Lucy.  I’m creating a picture post on her, so have been thinking about her, so will write about her.  She is not exactly mine, let’s call her my grand dog.  A couple of years ago my husband and I had to put our faithful dog of 12 years to sleep and it was heartbreaking.  Surprisingly we discovered that we were not feeling like replacing her.  We missed her terribly, but didn’t miss the mess in the back yard, the vet bills etc.  We were dogless.  Done with that.  Then my daughter’s boyfriend got her a puppy for her birthday.  Oh boy – a darling little weimer mix.  The boyfriend was going to keep it at his house.  Hah! The boyfriend worked full-time and lived alone.  You all know what happened.  Now the boy friend is gone and the dog is not. She got in a lot of trouble the first summer, we tore our hair . . .  shes better now, though still goofy.  Good dog Lucy.

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