The Library Lady Book Review: Exile of Sara Stevenson

sara amazon

The Exile of Sara Stevenson, by Darci Hannah

“Trust me, Sara,” said Thomas, and then he added with all sincerity, “I will move heaven and earth if I have to so that we can be together, ye do know that?”

And so begins an epic romance. Unfortunately, due to matters completely beyond his control, Thomas is unable to keep his promise – not in the way he expected at least. I love a good ghost story, and this one has it all, The Scottish sea and a storm-tossed lighthouse, with a brooding lighthouse keeper.  One reviewer calls it a haunting tale of timeless love.

Set in 1814, the story begins when Sara, the daughter of a celebrated lighthouse designer, accompanies her father on a sea voyage.  Sara falls for Thomas, a common sailor and the two contrive to see each other after their return.  Though handsome and charming, Thomas is hopelessly unfit to marry high-born Sara. Nevertheless, the two relish their time together, refusing to accept that it may be short-lived.

When things go awry, Sara, pregnant and broken-hearted is exiled to wind-swept Cape Wrath, where she is held in one of her father’s lighthouses.  Alone with two disgruntled retainers, Sara grieves for the loss of Thomas, and her former way of life.  Forced to do for herself, Sara reluctantly learns to cook and clean and manage alone, but  It isn’t long before she meets the odd and frightening light house keeper, and some of the local residents.

As life slowly becomes bearable, a mystifying package from an Oxford antiquarian arrives. The box includes clues to Thomas’s whereabouts and a mystery begins to unfold.This book is for lovers of romance and mystery, and for those who enjoy being carried away to another time and place.  This is Darci Hannah’s first novel, and I look forward to more.


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