Ahhh! – Blog Malfunction

News flash! To anyone who recently received a post from library Lady and Rosie Bear, entitled Dog Tales, Cleverly Disguised.  It was supposed to be a photo post, not a poem or Haiku, or whatever it appears to be.  Unfortunately the pictures did not appear and I have no idea why.

I like to think that I have this blogging thing down, but every now and then something like this happens and I just have to shake my head.  I can’t fix this.  It’s out there for all to see, in all it’s ungainly glory, and the worst thing is that I spent a significant amount of time on those pictures!!! Oh well, moving on.

OH NO!  I just checked the reader and now there’s two versions of it.  Can you believe it?  It’s not enough that I embarrass myself once, now it’s there again.  Did I publish it twice?  Is it republishing itself every few minutes?!? I can only imagine what my e-mail folowers are thinking at this point –  “Stop sending me stuff!”

General cringing going on here. I think need to go for a walk.

Have you ever had anything go wrong on a post you were trying to publish?

4 thoughts on “Ahhh! – Blog Malfunction

  1. Well, I’ve definitely forgotten to add titles to my posts and when I’m on the WordPress reader I’ve accidentally reblogged things I didn’t want to. Then I have to delete it and wonder if the author thinks I reblogged it, but then it’s gone. I think it happens to all of us 🙂


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