Point of View – Crossing Over

old man 4Thomas pushed the button for the cross walk.  He waited, and when the light changed he stepped off the curb. Using his cane to steady himself, he began the long laborious process of crossing the intersection.  Two steps, pick up the cane, plant it, lean for support, breathe, two steps . . .

He felt a twinge of dismay as he noticed the light changing already. It was still a long way to the other side. Breath coming faster, he tried to pick up the pace.  When had this happened to him? He remembered the days when he could sprint like a deer.  Madison high school, Long Distance Champion. Ahh, the girls had been crazy about him.

Thomas was startled by the honk of a horn.  Red BMW, a harried looking woman held up her hands in exasperation.  Couldn’t she see he was trying?  He made a quarter turn as another horn blared at him.  Blue Toyota, rusty,  a bunch of teenagers, and the long – haired dude on the Harley behind them was revving his engine impatiently.

Thomas shook his fist at them all and paused in confusion, momentarily forgetting which side he had come from and where he wanted to go.  The  motorcycle pulled out of  line and swerved around the standing cars. With a roar, the bike approached   and skidded to a halt on  Thomas’s shadow. He winced, the rackety noise too much for his hearing aid.

I’m in for it now, Thomas thought. He’d dealt with this kind before – had his fill of them when he was a cop back in the sixties. Dangblasted hairy biker. They were always drugged up and looking for a fight. Black leather and brass knuckles.  Thomas stood his ground and brandished his cane in warning.

The biker killed the engine and pulled off his dark glasses. Thomas stared.  The eyes were not what he’d expected.  A warm brown, they were kind, friendly even. The man smiled.

“Can I give you a lift?”

Thomas cast a wary glance at the menacing traffic, and found himself nodding. Carefully maneuvering his bum knee, he climbed aboard. Clutching his cane in one hand, he grabbed the man’s belt as the  tires squealed and the bike sped out of the intersection.


14 thoughts on “Point of View – Crossing Over

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  3. I have great views of biker dudes. One of my favorite memories was of finding a seat in a crowded movie theater and looking over and seeing that I was seated next to a huge, menacing-looking biker. At first I was afraid, but that was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had. That man was really friendly and cracked me up with the silly comments he would make to me every once in awhile during the movie. Thanks to this man, I have a different outlook about biker dudes!


    • Now wait just a minute, I know what kind of movies you like – and you were sitting next to a biker dude? I can see it now, you and the biker and Mickey Roony. Love you Judy. Thanks for a laugh!


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