Weekly Writing Challenge, Best Advice – Daycamp Drama

camp counselor“Alright campers, everyone find a partner for the hike.”
All the girls paired up and left me standing alone.
The counselor gave me a bright smile.  “I guess I’m your my partner.”
I rolled my eyes.  I hated day camp.  Everyone here knew each other and seemed to have a million friends. I on the other hand, did not.  No one liked me, and no one talked to me at lunch.The entire day was miserable. When I got home my Dad asked me how things went.
“Terrible,” I said and burst into tears.

After he’d heard the whole sad story, he patted me on the back and gave me some good advice.  “Did you talk to anyone?  Did you try to be friends?  “You can’t just wait for people to come to you,” he said.  “Tomorrow, I want you to look around for someone else who doesn’t have a friend and you go talk to them.”

Fast forward to the next day.

“Everyone needs a partner for swimming lessons.”
My heart sank, here we go again.  Then I remembered. I raised my head and glanced around.  There, over by the tree was a girl who was standing  alone.  Taking a deep breath I marched over and said,”I’m Geanie, do you want to be my partner?”
Her face lit up. “Sure!” she said.
Just like that, I had a new friend.
Thanks Dad, good tip.


28 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge, Best Advice – Daycamp Drama

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  2. When I was 11 my parents moved me to a new school. I never got such an advice from anyone, the end product was that the first 2 weeks were extremely hard. Later on, I found out on my own that I had no choice but to do what your father suggested and likewise it worked. Now reading your post, I wonder how would it have been if I got this advice from anyone. Thanks for sharing.


    • I was lucky that someone understood me,and i try to pass this advice along whenever I can. I work with a lot of children, and some of the shy ones need help putting themselves out there.


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