Walk This Way

walking 13I have a gym membership, but it’s basically a waste of money. If I have to get up in the morning, don attractive workout clothes, do my hair and get in the car to go work out, it doesn’t happen. What I can do is this.  Fall out of bed, crawl into my sweats, brush my teeth and stumble out to the sidewalk where my neighbors are waiting for me to go walking.  I don’t have to look cute, because it’s usually dark, and even if it isn’t they don’t notice me because they’re in too much of a daze from having just fallen out of their own beds.

Our motto is, walk to eat.  Translation – if we walk in the morning, we can eat donuts in the afternoon. We’re all chocolate fiends, and have oft lamented the fact that the Dunford Donut factory which makes melt in your mouth Chocolate Chocolate – not a typo – donuts, doesn’t open earlier in the morning. We could make that our destination.  I have it from a reliable source (Chocoholics Anonymous) that donut calories don’t count if you walk to the bakery and back.

All joking aside, we walk to stay in shape, both physically and mentally.  My doctor was pleasantly surprised by my low heart rate last visit.  Let me guess, she said, you must be a walker.  My therapist on the other hand . . . doesn’t exist.  Our walking hour is basically a free space, where anyone can talk, or vent about anything they want.

In the past 20 years we’ve discussed everything from the Middle East crises, to the  problems in our own back yards. We’ve promised to tell each other if we are becoming old and cranky, and to stick up for each other in the event of scandal.

Have you ever noticed how the news media always finds the most dilapidated area of a home to stand in front of when reporting a juicy bit of humiliation. My walking buddies have promised to direct Maury Povich away from any shredded window screens, dead trees or hanging gates. “She’s always been such a nice person,” they’re instructed to say, “I can’t believe she robbed the donut truck.”

If I went to the gym, these are the things I’d miss out on: the great stories, the laughter, the tears – joyful and otherwise.  I’d miss the shared dreams, and heartfelt hugs on difficult days. And I’d definitely miss out on the exercise, because I’m far  too lazy to  walk by myself.

Now that I think about it, even if discovered that walking wasn’t doing me an ounce of good physically, I’d still be out there.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  Thanks ladies.



Yesterday did not start out well.  First of all, the dark cloud that has been hovering on the family horizon for some time – we’ll just call it an employment challenge – has finally descended.  Next my daughter and I had a disagreement and the subsequent discussion caused her to be late getting ready for a doctor’s appointment. When she finally dashed out the door to leave, the car was dead. She missed her appointment, the car needs expensive repairs. My husband came down with a cold and my computer came down with a virus.  Unfortunately I could go on but I’ll spare you.  You get the general idea.

Now, my friend Loren has a theory about times like this, which I’d like to share with you. Driving home from work one dark and stormy night, he blew a tire.  His natural response was, Why Me?  As he struggled with the tire jack while being pelted with rain, he had a revelation.  Why not me?  I’m able-bodied, I know how to change a tire and I have a spare.  Better me than my grandmother, or a single mom with a van full of kids. He said this idea changed his outlook on life.

I liked it and decided to adopt it in my own life.  As always, when put the test, it’s easier said than done, but here goes.

Regarding my current adversities – why not me? I have a strong family support system and am surrounded by people I love.  I have my health and a home and food on the table.  I live in a free country and have faith in a God who walks with me through trials.  I could go on and on, and I will – privately.  Because I’d much rather focus on my blessings than my problems.  Especially at this time of year.  Best wishes to all, and happy Thanksgiving.

Daily Writing Prompt – Playtime!!

PENTAX ImageTo me playtime is stepping away from the mundane, the everyday, and engaging in something that makes you silly grin happy, and blissfully immune to everyday cares.

I like to go on horseback rides.  This is something I rarely get to do, but the experience of racing across an open field on the back of a galloping horse is like no other.

I like to go on walking tours.  My husband and I have walked through some amazing places in our life, both literally and figuratively, and hope to continue this practice as long as our legs will carry us.

I love to get together for food and fun with family and friends. Wow, there’s some alliteration for you.  Can I add a few more F’s?  How about fantastic food and  fabulous fun with favorite family and friends! (Fine, fewer frivolous phrases in the future.)  We also have a great card game we like to play where everyone ends up on their feet, flinging cards across the table and laughing like maniacs. Crazy playtime.

On the calmer side, I cherish my quiet time.  When  I have a few precious moments to myself, I love to sink into a comfy chair with a good book – Jane Austin, Georgette Heyer, M.M. Kaye, the Brontes, Mary Stewart, Ann Tyler  . . .   aah, so many books so little time.

And last but not least, I love reading the new authors I’ve lately come across.  My fellow bloggers, people from all over the world whose ideas and perspectives enlighten and entertain, and inspire me to be a better writer.

Now everyone go play.


New Bloggers You Will Love!

2. http://2flames.wordpress.com/
This beautiful blog (where did you get that background?)  is authored by a poet/ artist/ writer who is always fun to read.

3. http://oldestdaughterredheadedsister.com/
Audrey Dawn is a hoot and a super positive force in the world,  Let her entertain you.

4. http://maryjmelange.wordpress.com/
Mary writes about cats, motorcycles, caring for aging parents, finding a good bottle of wine and lots more. Check her out!

5. http://zainabjavid.wordpress.com/
This writer, who lives in Dubai,  dedicates her blog to her son.  She left a high-profile job to stay home and be a mom, and shares the experience with us.  She has also authored 2 beautiful children’s books.

The Reading Girl is a reader who loves to write.  She reads and reviews young adult books and tells it like it is.  For an honest opinion read her reviews.  Also a great creative writer!

7. I am pretty much a novice at this so I definitely have less than 50 followers! Here are my two blog sites:
http://evangelineshetty.wordpress.com/ and http://onbeingachristian.wordpress.com/
This author describes herself as a simple girl from India.  She is a child psychologist, a christian,  musician and a great blogger.

8. Thank you so much for this opportunity.  :)http://floczok.wordpress.com/
A wife and mother’s journey to health and lasting happiness.  Hate your job? Read her post called, Having a bad Day?. You’ll never complain again.  A fun and informative blog.

9. http://lindsaycummingswrites.com/
Lindsay says: I’m a writer, a notorious motor mouth, and a wino. She is also writing a, no-smut, romance  Her blog is a record of her and her friends and their escapades.  Lindsay makes me laugh.

1st World Dog is written by Bodhi, a dog who lives in Sydney Australia.  Bodhi talks about life with her Mum and Dad, and the toddler type human who likes to paint on her.  We also learn about obedience and agility training. I love dog blogs!

So there it is.  Learn some new stuff.  Find some new friends.  Thanks for reading!

Daily Prompt: Under Dressed?

party new yearsI don’t know if I felt out-of-place as much as out of fashion. My husband works for a prestigious ballet company, and we were recently invited to their yearly fund-raising gala.  Now I knew this would be a lavish affair, but was a little uncertain as to the dress code.  Black tie? No tie? Jeans and T-shirt? Obviously the latter was not an option, my beloved 501s and baggy sweater simply would not cut it on the dance floor, but the other extreme was a problem as well.

Thus far I’ve managed to get by in life without purchasing a slinky, off the shoulder, diamond studded evening gown (just not my style, not to mention price range),  so I decided to go for the middle ground.  I own several nice church/ business type dresses and after much contemplation and modeling for my daughter, I decided on a cute black affair with a red belt and red shoes.  Add to that the best of my meager jewelry collection and I was on the diving board, ready to make a splash.

Upon arrival the splash turned into a belly flop.  It was immediately apparent that even in my best, I was seriously under dressed, or maybe I should say that everyone else was under dressed.  I kid you not when I say that some of the womens evening wear was, well, barely there.  How do they keep these things up?  Is there some type of body spray that glues the garment to your chest?

Anyway, after my sweet husband brushed off my fashion  concerns, I decided to feel good about myself and enjoy the evening.  And enjoy we did. The food was to die for, the entertainment – excerpts from favorite ballets – was stunning, and afterwards there was a great dance band.   My husband, an enthusiastic swing dancer, had great fun twirling me around the dance floor, and I for one,  didn’t have to worry about my dress falling off.


Food Storage – The Rest of the Story

Skull & Crossbones 5I don’t know how many of you saw yesterday’s post, Afraid of My Food Storage, but my friend at “Spirit Lights the Way” ( http://nrhatch.wordpress.com/ ) sent me this highly interesting article about the very thing I was talking about.  It’s an NPR story called, “Don’t Fear That Expired Food. Check it out:


So, maybe old food is better than no food if it ever comes to that. Guess what Mom?  I may not have to get rid of my food storage after all!  I promise I won’t feed it to you when you come to visit though.



Daily Prompt Food for the Soul: Afraid of My Food Storage

Skull & Crossbones 5

As a member of the Mormon church, I am encouraged to be self-reliant. We’re told we should have a 48 hour emergency kit, as well as a year’s worth of food storage. I like this idea, and have assembled a killer 48 hour kit.  If there’s an emergency, I am packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. On the other hand, storing a years worth of food is a little more complicated.

First let me say that I don’t actually have enough food to last  a year. I do have quite a bit though, and while there’s a certain feeling of security in knowing  its available . . . there’s also a dark side (insert scary organ music). To make this system work, you have to rotate the old items to the front, and I’ve been rather lax about that. In fact, I was poking around down in the basement the other day, and discovered that a few,well some, O.K., a lot of my canned goods are past thier prime.

Now I’ve read the food safety guidelines, and know you don’t have to throw stuff out the day it expires.  land before time Unfortunately some of my cans have reached, er exceeded their expiration date. All right, all right, some of my food dates back to the Land Before Time!  There, I said it. A Cro-Magnon family might easily have  dined on my fruit cocktail.

I know, I know, I should get rid of this stuff, but hey, I spent a lot of money on it.  Wouldn’t it be wasteful to just throw it away.? And on the practical side, in  event of an emergency,  expired food would be better than no food, right? Honestly, how bad could it  be?

By way of experiment, I went  to my storage room and retrieved a can of expired green beans.  There were no bulges in the can or other tell-tail signs of botulism.  I got the can opener, and with some trepidation began to crank open the can. Expecting any moment to be assaulted with the sulfurous smell of decaying food, I was pleasantly surprised.  No oder at all, unless you count the smell of canned green beans.

They also looked just fine. I picked some up with a fork and examined them carefully. They were green and perfectly normal in appearance.  Hmmm, I wonder how they taste?  I slowly raised the fork to my lips . . .  and . . . just kidding!  I’m not insane. Just because the beans smelled, looked and possibly tasted O.K. doesn’t mean they weren’t harboring invisible food poisoning microbes.  I have no time in my life for a potentially fatal, paralytic illness. No,The sensible thing to do is clear out all the scary stuff, and start using and replacing my food storage like I should have done in the first place.

But what to do with the old items? I just need to think outside of the box/can. I once saw a book about crafting with cat hair, and a woman on the Today Show made sculptures out  of dryer lint. In light these shining examples, surely I can put expired food to good use. How about  placing cases of chili under my bed in place of a bed frame ?

I could donate cans to college students or newly weds to prop up their book shelves. Or maybe some Andy Warholien art project?

Hmm, I’m sure I’m missing an obvious solution. Aha! EBay!  People will buy anything on eBay.  I recently heard about a dietary fad that touts the benefits of fermented food.  Maybe I should market to that group. Or collectors,  people collect some pretty weird things, surely someone wants a case of 1920’s Campbell’s vegetable soup,  How about antique dealers! Now there’s an idea – classic, no vintage food, “like fine wine it improves with age”.  Suddenly, I’m not afraid anymore. In fact,I may be sitting on a gold mine. Eureka!

But wait, before I get too carried away, I feel I should do my duty to my fellow bloggers. That’s right, I’m giving you my friends, first dibs on this amazing product! What? You already have enough expired food? Oh, well, O.K. here’s another idea – I’ve got this bridge I could get you a deal on . . .