Daily Prompt: Under Dressed?

party new yearsI don’t know if I felt out-of-place as much as out of fashion. My husband works for a prestigious ballet company, and we were recently invited to their yearly fund-raising gala.  Now I knew this would be a lavish affair, but was a little uncertain as to the dress code.  Black tie? No tie? Jeans and T-shirt? Obviously the latter was not an option, my beloved 501s and baggy sweater simply would not cut it on the dance floor, but the other extreme was a problem as well.

Thus far I’ve managed to get by in life without purchasing a slinky, off the shoulder, diamond studded evening gown (just not my style, not to mention price range),  so I decided to go for the middle ground.  I own several nice church/ business type dresses and after much contemplation and modeling for my daughter, I decided on a cute black affair with a red belt and red shoes.  Add to that the best of my meager jewelry collection and I was on the diving board, ready to make a splash.

Upon arrival the splash turned into a belly flop.  It was immediately apparent that even in my best, I was seriously under dressed, or maybe I should say that everyone else was under dressed.  I kid you not when I say that some of the womens evening wear was, well, barely there.  How do they keep these things up?  Is there some type of body spray that glues the garment to your chest?

Anyway, after my sweet husband brushed off my fashion  concerns, I decided to feel good about myself and enjoy the evening.  And enjoy we did. The food was to die for, the entertainment – excerpts from favorite ballets – was stunning, and afterwards there was a great dance band.   My husband, an enthusiastic swing dancer, had great fun twirling me around the dance floor, and I for one,  didn’t have to worry about my dress falling off.


17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Under Dressed?

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  6. Dress code is always an issue around here. We used to own clothing from super casual to formal because Garry was in the TV biz and we had a sufficient number of formal events in a years for him to own a tux (or two) and for me to have a couple of formal and semi formal outfits. But now? We go very few places that require anything more than business casual … so when the events come up — usually around Christmas or the occasional funeral or wedding — we don’t own the right clothing and I’m unwilling to shell out big bucks for clothing I’m going to wear once or twice before it dies of old age on the hanger.

    My answer — a compromise — is (2) watch for clearance sales –mpick up dresses here and there, usually black at the cocktail party level (the low end of high drag) and (3) long black skirts. stretchy black knit skirts, available cheap from Walmart or Target and pick up fancy tunic tops from eBay plus at least one black knit tunic top (tunics cover a multitude of evils).

    Shoes are an issue. I can’t wear anything dainty. My feet won’t go there; my back crumbles. LONG skirts cover ugly shoes. Easier in summer when you can wear strappy sandals.

    Believe it or not, I get away with this. I have a lot of flashy Navajo jewelry and several pounds of it with anything long and black generally distracts people from my Walmart dress 🙂 You can borrow jewelry. Most women have stuff they own, but never wear.

    As for “how do they wear that tiny clothing?” I have a 17-year old size 0 granddaughter. The answer is VERY TIGHT, plus body wax (glue). I look at the stuff she and her friends wear and ask “Did you get a discount? Because it’s missing a skirt!” You can get away with ANYTHING if you’re a 17-year old size zero!


    • Hah! It’s been a long time since seventeen. Thanks for all the great advice. You’re right, I’ll have to keep my eyes open for bargains, becuase like you said, that type of clothing will mostly sit on the hanger. The problem here is that I’d much rather buy clothes I actually wear, and have a hard time forking over money for other stuff. It does come in handy once in a while though. Thanks for sharing.


      • THAT’s why I buy very cheap dress clothing. If I’m going to own clothing I never wear, cheap is the way to go. I buy at the Salvation Army too. Sometimes people dump really nice dress clothing that they probably wore exactly once … and occasionally, not at all. I met the local bank president at the Salvation Army store. Everyone checks it out, at least around here.


      • I love the comment about borrowing jewelry. Hello!?! Why did I never think of that? It can distract attention away from clothing that is a little less formal. Good idea! Thanks.


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  8. Hello Daughter: I’m glad you had a good time in spite of all the expensive fancies. I sometimes fret over what to wear even if it’s just to a neighbors porch party, then get there and nobody cares, half the time, nobody remembers anyway. ha. If you feel good about what you’ve selected, it’s probably ok and usually in good taste. Would love to have you come down and we’ll hit all the thrift shops for cheap fancies. Love, Mom


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