Daily Writing Prompt – Playtime!!

PENTAX ImageTo me playtime is stepping away from the mundane, the everyday, and engaging in something that makes you silly grin happy, and blissfully immune to everyday cares.

I like to go on horseback rides.  This is something I rarely get to do, but the experience of racing across an open field on the back of a galloping horse is like no other.

I like to go on walking tours.  My husband and I have walked through some amazing places in our life, both literally and figuratively, and hope to continue this practice as long as our legs will carry us.

I love to get together for food and fun with family and friends. Wow, there’s some alliteration for you.  Can I add a few more F’s?  How about fantastic food and  fabulous fun with favorite family and friends! (Fine, fewer frivolous phrases in the future.)  We also have a great card game we like to play where everyone ends up on their feet, flinging cards across the table and laughing like maniacs. Crazy playtime.

On the calmer side, I cherish my quiet time.  When  I have a few precious moments to myself, I love to sink into a comfy chair with a good book – Jane Austin, Georgette Heyer, M.M. Kaye, the Brontes, Mary Stewart, Ann Tyler  . . .   aah, so many books so little time.

And last but not least, I love reading the new authors I’ve lately come across.  My fellow bloggers, people from all over the world whose ideas and perspectives enlighten and entertain, and inspire me to be a better writer.

Now everyone go play.


4 thoughts on “Daily Writing Prompt – Playtime!!

  1. I loved this post. One of the most nicely written posts. Nonetheless, I will have to agree with Angloswiss about the horse rides, my experience with horses is terrible. What is it with women and horse rides anyway? Why do most women see it as romantic?!


  2. I think I’ve also played that card game and ridden horses, of course on a trail at a riding stable until I learned that I am severely allergic to horses! This was such a fun article! Thanks for the morning smile! 🙂


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