Too Many Sweaters: New Years Resolution

ugly sweater

The Daily Prompt says we can be  new and different tomorrow, the first day of the year. I thought I wanted to become a more organized person, but after writing this post, I’m not so sure. . .

I own too many sweaters.  I don’t know how it happens, they just seem to accumulate, and to be honest, some of them are . . . not very attractive.  I used to watch a TV show called The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and in one particular episode Will Smith’s fashion conscious sister was late coming home.

“I saw a woman on the street wearing the ugliest sweater,” she gasped, “and I just had to stop and yell at her.”

That woman was probably me.  I tend to collect clothes and keep them until they are:

A. Past their prime and no longer fashionable, and since I continually add to my collection,

B. Overflowing the shelves of my closet.

Anyway, on  New Years Day 2013, I  decided to take charge of the situation. One of my resolutions was to become more organized, in other words it was  time to clean out my closet.  The ugly sweaters had to go, along with anything else I hadn’t worn in the past year.

As I sorted through the excess, I found myself waffling.  Each item seemed to have special memories attached to it.  I wore this when I was pregnant 20 years ago, or, my sweet grandmother gave me this for Christmas one year.   But I knew I couldn’t keep it all and forced myself to be sensible.

An hour later, my closet was lean and mean and after laundering everything, I boxed it up for the thrift store. Deseret Industries or DI for short, was my favorite of these establishments. You could find anything  there. I am a resale shopper and for someone with an eye for shabby chique type items, this place is a treasure trove, a gently used gold mine. . . but I digress.  Being short of time I  dropped my donations without even pausing to shop, never dreaming that I’d committed a grevious error.

A few days later, as I was preparing for a night out, I found myself standing in my closet pondering what to wear with the skirt I’d chosen.  I snapped my fingers as I thought of just the thing. My red sweater  The one with the sock monkey appliqué.   I plowed through my newly organized closet, but couldn’t find the sweater.  Where could it be? I know I haven’t worn it for a while, but – uh oh.

The thrift store – and after a slight jangle of brain cells, I even remembered dropping it into the box while thinking, I’ll never wear this again. Silly organized person.  But wait,  maybe it was still in the store.  I hated to buy back my own donation, but  I’d suddenly realized how much I loved that sweater.  I glanced at my watch and saw  I  had no time to spare.  Jumping into the car I raced to DI and careened into the parking lot.  Striding through the door, I headed straight for the sweater section.

It seemed that the force might be with me as I spotted one of my donated items still on the racks, but after a few minutes the sad truth began to sink in. Alas, it was gone.  Someone else had  loved the sock monkey sweater too  . . .

As I stood there, glum with disappointment, something shiny caught my eye. Wow I thought, pulling a garment off the rack, gold bangles – this is truly a great sweater . .  and look here’s another one!  The temptation was too much, and before long I was back home restocking my empty closet shelves with new sweaters.

Sigh, I own too many sweaters.

Time for a new Year’s resolution?


24 thoughts on “Too Many Sweaters: New Years Resolution

  1. Great story and so true! I can’t get rid of anything either, because “what if I need it someday?” And my husband is really bad when it comes to getting rid of things he thinks we won’t use anymore. I needed a vase for a holiday decoration I was making and went looking for one in the basement–all gone. He gave them to Goodwill b/c he didn’t think we’d use them. Same with baking sheets, linens, etc. Then I end up having to buy them again!

    Forget organization. It’s overrated 🙂


  2. At least your husband doesn’t give your library books to Good Will like my friend’s did. Expensive donation. It’s good to hear from you again. I took a break for the holidays and am just getting going again.


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  11. That something I would do…if I started. I have too many tops and it’s getting too crowded in my closet but I can’t purge. I wonder if there is a Purgeholics Association?

    Good for you, on both counts.This post was entertaining reading. thanks.


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