Big Lazies

walking 13

I recently wrote a post about my walking group, (If you missed it feel free to catch up Since we live in Utah, and the sidewalks are covered with snow, we’ve recently had to take our act off the road. Now we do our walking at the gym on treadmills, elliptical machines and other instruments of physical torture and while we certainly miss the fresh air and varied scenery, we don’t miss the early morning ice skating. (I think I scored a 10 on the difficulty scale – and possibly the richter scale – out on the driveway the other morning.)

Anyway, yesterday when the walking ladies arrived at the gym we spent five minutes driving around looking for the closest parking place.  When we realized what we were doing, we had to laugh.  We didn’t want to walk five extra feet to get into the gym where we plannd to walk five miles.

My friend Celeste said, “You should blog about this.”

Me:  “No, we’d look like big lazies.”

Melinda: “But we are.”

Ludy:  “You can blame it on me.  Say your friend  from the Caribbean (she grew up in Haiti) hates the cold.

Me:  “Hmmm.  O.K.”

So here it is Ludy.  The blame for the Big L rests squarely on your shoulders.

I of course don’t have a lazy bone in my body . . . HEY, could somebody bring me a donut? It’s hard to get out of my recliner when its at this angle. Somebody – Anybody! Hellooo . . . .”


16 thoughts on “Big Lazies

      • squelch? very common word over here. sound of wellies sinking ankle deep in sucking mud while taking dogs for their obligatory daily trek through driving rain (or possibly drizzle) yuck, don’t get me started. although actually the sun is shining today. more rain on the way though. doh!

    • Ahhh – I love this word. We have a vocabularly group at work where everyone adds fun new words each month then we try to work them into conversations with the patrons. “Ah I see by these travel books that your going to Nuschwanstain castle. I hope you enjoy the “crenellations”.
      Squelch is my official new vocabularly word.

      • right oh. Utah sounds an awfully crisp sort of place, I don’t suppose you have much squelchiness there. You’ll have to tell me how you work it in to general conversation.

  1. My favorites are Dunford Chocolate, Chocolate if you have acess to any of those could you bring me one? It’s hard to get out of my recliner when I’ve got it at this angle.

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