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Daily Prompt: Under Pressure? Only when I’m awake . . .

It doesn’t take much to confuse me these days, but this one really rocked my world.

I was running late for church last Sunday and wasn’t paying a lot of attention as I jumped in the car and drove off. I attended church, had a lovely time, and returned to my car only to find  the door wouldn’t unlock.   Now let me explain that this was my husband’s car and it has one of those electronic keys that you don’t even have to take out of your purse.  It’s magic and the door unlocks as soon as you approach – but not this time.

car keyWhen the lock wouldn’t work, I  assumed the car battery had died since it’s been doing that lately.  I was once again in a hurry  so I hitched a ride home with a neighbor and, master procrastinator that I am, promised to resolve the car problem later. Not surprisingly things came up that afternoon, and that night it  was just too cold so, bright and early Monday morning my spouse and I  went to retrieve his car.

We were surprised when the car immediately sprang to life with his key. Apparently it wasn’t a dead battery after all,  so what was wrong with my key? I began digging through my purse and discovered that the key wasn’t in there.

Wait a minute, how had I driven his car to church without a key? OH NO! Had I lost it at church?  Please not that. This key is expensive, in fact  one of my pet peeves about new cars, is that they all have electronic keys that cost roughly the equivalent of a years pay (mine anyway) to replace.

But I digress.

Back at home I tore the car apart to make sure I hadn’t dropped the key inside. I tore my purse apart again, and checked all the pockets of the clothes I’d worn to church. No luck.  Defeated, we finally sat down to discuss the options.  We still had one key to his car, but if we lost that we were toast.

toastMe: “I guess we’ll have to buy another key.”

John:  “Yes, it’s unfortunate that it costs roughly the equivalent of a years pay.”

Me: “Sigh.”

Daughter:  “Are you guys looking for Dad’s key?  I’ve got it right here.”

John:  “YOU have the car key?!!

Daughter: Uh oh, (stricken look) how did you get home from church Mom?”

Me:  How did I even get to church?”

John: “Why do you have the key?!!

(What you see here is a classic case of multi-level confusion.)

To make a long story short, unbeknownst to myself I had taken my own car to church.  My daughter who doesn’t like to drive Dad’s vehicle came by and traded cars with me, then left an FYI text which I never saw because I don’t know how to find texts on my new phone. She left John’s car in the same parking place so I wouldn’t be confused, (Hah!) but neglected to leave the key, and had been blissfully unaware of the problem until now.

Is anyone still with me?  I’m not.

Anyway, all is well now because my paychecks can once again go towards paying bills and buying chocolate instead of installment payments on a new car key.

Note to car manufacturers:  Enough with the magic.Can we please go back to cheap metal keys?

19 thoughts on “Rock My World

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  3. Wow. Life with teenagers. Our granddaughter has lost then found the car key and locked them in the trunk, each causing an emergency … but at least she only borrows the car that we don’t use hardly at all. That’s a really impressive amount of confusion!


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  5. Hehe. I was trying to figure out how all this happened. Never would have guessed that she traded the cars 🙂 I wonder if I would have noticed. I know I would have, but only because I never drive my husband’s car – I won’t drive a stick. It scares me.

    Anyway, what a great anecdote. This will surely be a story that lives on.

    (By the way, I still didn’t find your post in my reader. I think something is going on the WordPress world. I had to click on your avatar in my comment thread to get here, but it looks like others found it. Who knows)


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    • Hi Judy, never a dull moment. It was actually a good thing to have happen. You know how when you think you’re staring in the face of a massive bill and suddenly you’re not? It makes you appreciate your day again.


  8. Like I said, I’d prefer to go back to plain old fashioned keys. It’s so annoying, I mean everyone loses their keys at some point, and you have to replace them. What would you rather do, trot off to Home Depot and plunk down five bucks, or fork over 200.00 for a fancy key? I will serioulsy take this into consideration next I buy a new car. (Actually I’d rather have crank windows too, instead of electronic ones that get stuck and cost a fortune to fix.)


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