Blog Slacker, or Where I’ve Been Lately

burning candle at both endsSome of my more loyal followers have noticed that I’ve slowed down a bit lately.  Not in a physical sense unfortunately, since I still feel like the proverbial chicken running around with its head cut off,  (this is a very gruesome metaphor – lets say, a very busy person, instead) but due to all the other demands on my time, I’ve recently become a BLOG SLACKER.


A blog slacker is one who lets her blog go to rack and ruin because she’s overbooked during the day and her body thinks it needs to sleep at night.

O.K. so what could possibly be more important than posting regularly on your blog?

1.Spending time with family members whom one rarely sees anymore except on holidays and special occasions.

2.Cleaning and other boring but essential activities which  make it possible for me not to be featured on one of those hoarders reality shows.

3. Church callings and  civic responsibilities, where seemingly minimal commitments can balloon into staggering amounts of time. (i.e. Organizing the Church Luau which 91 people – so far – have signed up to attend.)

4. Attempting to read the stacks of books which call to me from the shelves of the library each day. Even when I have a million other things to do, I get panicky if I don’t have a good book going.

5. And this brings me to the library – Ah yes – the black hole into which the vast majority of my hours fall.

Yes, earning a living ranks right up there with blogging when it comes to matters of importance, though lately the necessity of a regular income has begun to edge into the lead.  If it were up to me I would spend my days writing, all the while commenting on other people’s blogs and witty repartee, but alas, I am compelled to trudge off to my job (which I quite enjoy by the way) to be able to meet my financial obligations.

Interestingly enough, I’ve recently discovered several new ways to twiddle away my time – and add to my bank account, by writing on-line. Who knew?  I will address this in my next post, whenever I can fit that in, but in the meantime, don’t give up on me.  I’m still here – just not as often.


9 thoughts on “Blog Slacker, or Where I’ve Been Lately

    • One thing I’ve learned from the online thing – don’t trust online product reviews. Most of those are written by people who are paid to say nice things about a product they may not have ever used. The negative comments are real though.


        • It’s a website called You agree to do something for $5.00 and mine is I’ll write 300 words of web site copy, blog post etc. It’s amazing how many people want to have a blog but want someone else to write it for them. I keep meaning todo a post for my own blog about these writing websites, but I’m so busy writing for them I don’t have time. Good to hear from you again. Hope you’re feeling good. P.S, I don’t do product reviews.


          • Thank you for that! My resources for online writing have dried up, so I really appreciate this. I had written for two free-lance places (forget their names right now) but the articles they have been requesting are out of my league. Thanks again for the tip! 😀


  1. I’ve been a blog-slacker too lately, I’m finding that I’m in good company though as many of my blogging friends are posting about the same subject. Maybe it’s just that time of year? Anyway, glad you’re back! 😀


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