Good Samaritan @ Smith’s Pharmacy

thanksWell, I’m back from the twilight zone. I’m not sure if anyone will ever see this because my readership has tanked due to my self-imposed blog fast, but I hope someone does because this is a great story. It’ll make you happy!

My 24-year-old daughter Josie is a caretaker, she has a nurturing heart and has always been the listening ear/shoulder to cry on for her brothers and anyone else who‘s singing the blues. As of now she has a job taking care of Cindy, a handicapped individual, who though smart as a whip is sadly, paralyzed.

My daughter’s job is to care for Cindy’s needs and make her as comfortable as possible. They have a great time visiting museums and movie theaters, the zoo and the aquarium, but it’s not always fun and games. Jo also drives her to doctors appointments, takes her shopping, styles her hair and even feeds her. Needless to say, this is a very special relationship.

About a week ago my daughter and her charge were at a pharmacy waiting to pick up some medication. It had been a long day and Cindy was hungry. Josie bought some yogurt and proceeded to feed it to her. After a few minutes a nattily dressed older gentleman came over and seemed to be watching them.

“Is this a mother daughter relationship,” he said.

My daughter, not sure what to make of him said, “No.”

“Are you sisters?”

“We’re not. This is Cindy and I’m her caretaker.”

“Well,” he continued, “will you two do something for me?”

Radar on full alert now Josie hesitated, and watched as the man reached into his pocket.  He pulled out his wallet, and proceeded to hand them a $100 dollar bill.

“I’d like you two to have a day out on me.“

Mouth hanging open, my daughter tried to give it back to him and finally stuttered out a thank you. The man walked away before she could adequately express her appreciation or even get his name.The next day Jo and Cindy went out for a lovely lunch at Cheese Cake Factory, and got their nails done – on the Mystery man’s dime.


If you’re reading this my daughter thinks the world of you and what you did. Also,you made everyone’s day!


25 thoughts on “Good Samaritan @ Smith’s Pharmacy

  1. What a great story, and welcome back Geanie. Wondered where you’d got to. (I have to say I thought the Cheesecake factory was just made up for the Big Bang Theory. Didn’t realise it actually existed)

  2. Hi there! I’m Heather and I just have a quick question regarding your blog that I was hoping you could answer! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com I would greatly appreciate it!

    • Hey Jodi, I’ve been missing this whole blog thing, but have had to shift my priorities due to some financial challenges. One of these days I’ll write a post about all the paid writing opportunities there are on line.

      • Sorry to hear that you’ve been having difficulties, money issues are always super stressful. I think people would love to hear about paid writing, including me.

  3. this is a terrific story. It makes me wonder about all of these ultra rich people who say that the reason they want to make more and more money is that it (the money) is “a way to keep score”. To me a much better way to keep score is to say how many wonderful things you could do for people with that money. What could possibly make a human being feel better than that?

  4. perhaps we should have people report their pay it forward experiences here on this blog. It would make for refreshing reading and might make a difference in someone’s life

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