The Fluffiest Toy

dog-560148_1280As I wandered the aisles of Walmart today, I happened upon the pet section and was intrigued by what passes for dog toys these days.  An entire row of sweet  cuddly stuffed animals sat awaiting their fate as shoppers considered whether or not  to take them home to their pets.

I warily eyed  the stuffed lamb which made cute giggling sounds when handled, and pictured what would happen if I turned her over to my dog Lucy.(Readers may want to refer to the before and after of a supposedly indestructible tennis ball –  Lucy would make short work of the poor little lamby, quickly reducing it to a tattered pile of fabric and stuffing, with one dangling eye and shredded extremities. As was the case in the recent annihilation of the fluffy bunny toy, it’s a gruesome sight, and not  one I’m not eager to experience again.

After learning the hard way, we’ve opted for more durable toys, Kongs have managed to hold up under duress, as have a couple of varieties of basically plasticine bones. As mentioned, tennis balls are immediately toast but there is one that comes wrapped in rings of hard foam which is worth investing in.  One of our favorite dog toys is a hard, clear plastic ball which lights up when you bounce it. So far its proved tough enough, and is great fun for an after dark game of fetch.

Some of the silliest ideas have originated from the Martha Stewart Camp.  Her plush mallard toy comes with the recommendation that you present it to your dog for gentle play. Excuse me – is this even within the realm of possibility? It it just my dog that feels she must methodically destroy all of her belongings? I’d love to hear if others have pets that can gently enjoy Martha’s offerings.

In the meantime,I think I’ll just move on to the rubber and rawhide section of  dog toys .  Maybe I’ll find something cute and cuddly there.


13 thoughts on “The Fluffiest Toy

  1. My little toy poodle makes short order of a stuffed toy. There are now toys that resemble other animals (read: prey) and there is no stuffing inside. That’s the only kind I buy now 🙂

      • Wait a minute, I just realized who this was from. Hi Susan. How’s things? Are you still Night Writing? You had such an amazing blog, I hope your still doing it. I hear from Jodi every now and then. Glad you stopped by!

  2. I have a big lug who looks a lot like the dog in your picture. She’s sweet as pie, but she loves to chew everything in site. Everyone assured me that she’d grow out of this and that it was just a puppy thing. Now she’s six and nothing’s changed. We too shop for dog toys in the hardware store. Martha Stewart plush toys??? Not for my baby.

  3. Hi Charles – So do you shop in the actual hardware store? Like hammers and pliers? I think Lucy would enjoy a good hammer. I’d love to see a picture of your big baby.

  4. Hah! I know, it’s like it’s their job. Good to hear from you Kate. Are you still doing your wonderful spotlights of other bloggers? I still have the one you did for me!

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