Sell Your Writing – Face to Face

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492034302-170x170Tell Them What You Do – It’s  a Good Thing

Well, that was embarrassing.  I shake my head as I contemplate my failed attempt at describing my freelance writing business. I had just bumped into a long lost friend at the mall and she asked what I was doing these days.
“I’m a freelance writer,” I replied with confidence.
“Really, so what do you write?”
Here’s where I dropped the ball.  “I um, write articles . . . and blog posts.”
“Oh,” she said. “What’s a blog?” (I know; my friend needs to get out more.)

Don’t Miss the Boat

Luckily, in this case, my lackluster response wasn’t a big deal, but it could have been. What if my acquaintance had been a potential employer or a friend of someone who was looking for a freelance writer. I’d have missed the boat. Here’s the thing about being a writer – word of mouth is important. And that day, my mouth wasn’t working.

So why did I stumble over my job description? Because I usually rely on my writing website  – that perfectly choreographed depiction of my best writing self.  Ideally, I don’t have to describe what I do, I simply link potential clients to my writer’s website, and shining examples of my craft pop up on the screen.

Unfortunately, we can’t always rely on a remote interaction or written version of our abilities. Occasionally, even in this high tech world, we need to talk to real people and promote ourselves face to face.


Fortunately, this is not as frightening as it sounds if you give it some thought ahead of time.

Write the Script

I once attended a writing conference where would-be novelists could sign up to pitch their book ideas to an agent. We were advised to prepare a brief summation of the plot, along with an explanation of why this book would change the world.  We each had two minutes to sell our idea. In retrospect, this seems like good advice for freelance writers trying to promote their writing skills.

If you had one minute or less to describe your freelance writing business and how you stand out in a crowd, what would you say? Do you have a niche? Do you write business plans, or host a website on bitcoin?  Are you a technical writer or home and family blogger?  Take a few minutes to think of a short and snappy answer, then commit it to memory.

Needless to say, I’ve done some repenting for my previous lack of preparation, and the next time someone asks me what kind of writing I do, I’ll say something like this.

“I write content for personal blogs and businesses. I also write product descriptions and newsletters, but I specialize in real estate and travel. “


“Well since you ask, I‘m currently working on a neighborhood review for a real estate agent, I’m writing web content for a friend’s business blog, and a travel article for a vacation site.  I also host a couple of blogs of my own, and of course, I’m writing the great American novel.”

“Wow, you stay pretty busy.”

“I know, I like it that way. If you know anyone who needs a freelance writer send them my way.”

And there you have it. The next time anyone asks what you’re up to, you’ll know exactly what to say. Talking about your business is a snap when you’re prepared, and now you have a new way to promote yourself – face to face.





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