The Wide Mouthed Frog is My Hero

For the past year I’ve focused on my travel blog – The Library Lady Travels. But recently my husband started writing children’s books which got me thinking about my blogging roots.  I think it’s time to revisit the Library Lady Writes – so here goes!


I used to love reading to my children. I’d pull out the books I’d brought home from the library, they’d gather their blankets and teddy bears, and crawl into my lap for storytime. Unfortunately, those children – who are now in their 30’s – are too busy for storytime anymore. But all is not lost because now I can read to the grandchildren! Being the Library Lady I have accumulated quite a collection of children’s books over the years, and I’d like to share some of them with you.

The Wide Mouthed Frog

By Keith Faulkner and Jonathan Lambert

This book wins hands-down as a storytime favorite. With its bright illustrations and fun pop-up animals, it’s a treasure. I guarantee Frog’s adventures will have your children laughing out loud.

As frog visits his neighbors, blue feathered bird, and furry brown mouse,  he brags about his very wide mouth. All is well until he happens onto a big green alligator.
“I am a wide-mouthed frog and I eat flies,” he tells the alligator. “What do you eat?”  The alligator says, “I eat delicious wide-mouthed frogs.”
Wait for it – wait for it – there’s a big SPLASH . . . the surprise ending is delightful and your kids will want you to read it again and again.

Another thing I like about this book is how durable it is.  Pop-up books often have a short shelf life especially in the library, but this is made of sturdier stuff which is good as little hands can’t help but reach for the colorful pop-outs.

Saturdays and Teacakes

By Lester L. Laminack and Chris Sonpiet

This book about a boy and his grandma will steal your heart. Every Saturday the boy hopes on his bike –  faithful friend in tow – and travels to grandma’s house, where he mows her lawn. While he’s there he and grandma bake teacakes, work in the garden and sit on the porch swing relaxing and enjoying tomato sandwiches.  Not much action in this little gem, but that’s the appeal. It’s a gentle, joyful tribute to days gone by and an inspiration to grandma’s who love spending time with their little ones.

I can’t review this book without a serious nod to the illustrator Chris Sonpiet. His artwork is always amazing, but in Saturdays and Teacakes, it’s over the top.  The magnificent illustrations in this book would be worth the purchase price even without the sweet story.   Luckily we get to enjoy both. Don’t miss this “sit in Grandma’s lap” favorite.

The Princess and the Pig

princess 2

 by Jonathan Emmert / Polly Berantene

Fans of Peppa pig will also love this crazy tale of mistaken identity.

What happens when a baby princess is accidentally exchanged for a piglet?  I dare you not to laugh as the families of both babies try to cope with this unexpected turn of events. In this spoof of a fairy tale, almost everyone lives happily ever after.
Moral,  of the story: a princess can be something of a pig, but a pig cannot be a princess.

Come with Me

come with me

By Ashley Wolff

When a boy picks his favorite from a new litter of puppies he tells her about the adventures they’ll have when she’s old enough to come with him.  Come with me Pumpkin, down through the meadow; down to the sea . . .

In a series of whimsical watercolors, author and illustrator Ashly Wolff take readers to a boy’s favorite places in his seaside town. He and Pumpkin listen to the seals barking on the rocks, look for hermit crabs and starfish in the tide pools, and stop for cookies at the bakery. When the wind blows across the Pacific it tickles their ears – “Oh Pumpkin I can’t wait until you can come with me”.

Whether you live by the sea or just dream of doing so you’ll love this book.  Share it with the little and the big people in your life.

One thing I look for in a children’s book is a story that’s fun for the child as well as the adult who’s reading to them. Each of these books meet that criteria, and I hope you’ll enjoy them all.

Book illustrations courtesy of the Amazon Book store.