About Us

 Library Lady:  To the casual observer I am a wife and mother of four, a Mormon, a freelance writer, and a great lover of books.To those with a little more imagination, I am the best friend of Rosie Bear, who has been with me since I was four years old.  There are two reasons for writing this blog.

1) As a freelance writer I have a major failing. I write what I want to write about, not necessarily what will sell.  Consequently many of my stories and articles have never found a home.  Now they have one.

2) Did I mention that I LOVE books? I’m lucky enough to be a bookaholic who works in a public library!  When I find a great book I want to share.  Now I can.

Rosie: To the casual observer I am a stuffed bear with one eye and fur that is mostly rubbed off.  To those with a bit more imagination, I am the best friend of the Library Lady. We have been reading together since we were little, and she asked me to help with her blog.  I love well written, Beary beautiful  children’s books, especially those about bears, and I’m happy to tell you about my favorites.  My Motto:  Read till your eye falls off!

We will alternate book reviews with, Life/Humor  posts, and update this blog whenever we have something to say ( which is often).  In the book review section we’ll talk about our current reads, or if nothing wonderful is happening in our reading life, we’ll review our favorites. The rest of the blog will be about life in general and the things that make us smile. Can’t wait to get started!


Why You Should Read This Blog

Here you will find the answers to many pertinent questions such as – What should I do when large spiders attack?   How should I deal with lawn sharks,  and, What is the truth about Gorilla Man? In addition you will become familiar with a variety of excellent reading  materials, courtesy of book reviews by  the Library Lady and her long time assistant Rosie Bear.

So wade in and enjoy. Comments are welcome and please feel free to share some of your own favorite books be they the children’s or adult variety.  We will update this blog every week, and will alternate book reviews, with commentary about library stuff, and life in general.