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I’ve been playing around with a new photo editing  system and have discovered you can teach an old dog new tricks. (I’m referring to myself, my dog Lucy would be offended if I alluded to her age). This first picture is an ad I created for a writing business I’ve lately been involved in.  I’ve also been making similir  promos for other people, and am having a lot of fun with it.PENTAX Image

Dr Mike 3

Now, the reason for this post is that I’ve recently discovered the wonders of youtube.  As I mentioned, I downloaded a photo editing system and  was really excited about what it could do, unfortunately I had no idea how to make it do those things. There was an instruction manual with the program but it was hopelessly complicated and over my head.  What to do?  Someone suggested you tube.

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Dog Toy Delimma

dog-560148_1280As I wandered the aisles of Walmart today, I happened upon the pet section and was intrigued by what passes for dog toys these days.  An entire row of sweet  cuddly stuffed animals sat awaiting their fate as shoppers considered whether or not  to take them home to their pets.

I warily eyed  the stuffed lamb which made cute giggling sounds when handled, and pictured what would happen if I turned her over to my dog Lucy.(Readers may want to refer to the before and after of a supposedly indestructible tennis ball –  Lucy would make short work of the poor little lamby, quickly reducing it to a tattered pile of fabric and stuffing, with one dangling eye and shredded extremities. This was the case in the recent annihilation of a fluffy bunny toy. It was gruesome sight, one I’m not eager to experience again.

Durable Dogs Toys

After learning the hard way, we’ve opted for more durable toys, Kongs have managed to hold up under duress, as have a couple of varieties of basically plasticine bones. As mentioned, tennis balls are immediately toast but there is one that comes wrapped in rings of hard foam which is worth investing in.  One of our favorite dog toys is a hard, clear plastic ball which lights up when you bounce it. So far its proved tough enough, and is great fun for an after dark game of fetch.

Non-Durable Dog Toys, Martha Stewart?

Some of the silliest ideas have originated from the Martha Stewart Camp.  Her plush mallard toy comes with the recommendation that you present it to your dog for gentle play. Excuse me – is this even possible? Is it just my dog that feels she must methodically destroy all of her belongings? I’d love to hear if others have pets that can gently enjoy Martha’s offerings.

In the meantime,I think I’ll just move on to the rubber and rawhide section of  dog toys .  Maybe I’ll find something cute and cuddly there.

Dog On It – Lucy and the Library Lady

dog reporter 2Not long ago I read a post where the blogger was interviewed by her cat.  For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the blog or I’d link it, but my dog Lucy got wind of the idea and wouldn’t rest until I let her have a go.  I’ve recently  gotten behind on award thank-you’s,  so I thought I’d combine them and do one interview to answer the required but difficult conditions of talking about myself.  Lucy, my faithful companion will now conduct the interview.

Lucy:  Ahhhhemmm.  So, Library Lady . . .  who is favorite family member?

LL:  Oh that’s easy, my husband John.

Long pause and stink-eye from interviewer

Lucy: Are you sure about that ?

LL: Yes, of course.

Lucy: And who, might I ask, takes John for walk everyday and makes sure he doesn’t get lost, and who has also learn to fetch newspaper so you don’t have to go out in snow every morning?

LL: That would be you, but my answer is still John. He’s my husband.

Lucy: But – but I am dog! – spluttering noises –  I am highly offended!

LL. Well I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t even ask questions like that, I mean I love you too but – wait a minute. What kind of interview is this anyway?  We’re supposed to be talking about me. Here, have a dog treat and try to calm down.

Crunching noises.

LL: Don’t forget your crumbs.

Lucy:  O.K. we try again.  Tell me ten things you like to do in  non-work time:

LL: Now, that’s more like it. I like to read, go for walks, watch old movies – preferably with Cary Grant, Omar Sharif, or Sean Connery type actors. I like to go out to restaurants, especially Mexican or Chinese.  I like to hang out with family and  friends, and travel, and sing in the choir.  I like Chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven with a glass of cold milk . . . whew, three more to go . . . I like to go to the ballet, and ride horses, and I used to ski until it got too expensive. There!

Lucy: You like to throw ball for dog don’t you?

LL: Of course there is almost nothing I’d rather do.

Lucy: Raised eyebrows and perked up ears.

LL: Not now though.

Lucy: Sigh. You also like to sit in messy room and stare at box.

LL:  Messy room . . . the office?  Oh, you mean writing! Yes I love to write.

Lucy:  Stare at box is called writing?

LL: The box is a computer, and I’m not just staring, I’m thinking.  I’m creating characters and dialogue, and story lines.

Lucy: Looks to me like sit with butt in chair and forget about favorite dog.

LL:  Aww – pat, pat –  I never forget about you, but you have to admit you’re asleep most of the time.

Lucy:  True, I easily bored, like now. Let’s go for  walk.

LL: O.K. but first I’d like you to type this up and post it.

Lucy:  Check. You want pictures?

LL: Yes, just make sure you show my best side.

Lucy: No problem.





dog reporter 2Now for the rest of the story.  The following are some of my favorite bloggers (ie, great writers and my most loyal commenters). They also nominated me for some blog awards.  Thanks guys! Check out their FANTASTIC blogs. (Dragon Loyalty Award) (Also Dragon Loyalty) (Sunshine Award) (Also for the Sunshine Award) ( Versatile Blogger Award, and the Sisterhood of world Bloggers)

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My Dog Isn’t Dead, It Just Looks That Way

Here is a picture of my dog.


Here’s another one.


SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAIf you  notice a certain lack of activity in these images you’re right.  The only time I see Lucy move anymore is when she hears food hitting her bowl. Somewhere in my dog’s DNA, there must be a distant link to a bear, because she seems to have gone into hibernation.

Rosie Bear

Rosie Bear

I can hardly blame her since we live in Utah, and our back yard – her playground – is currently piled high with snow.  Quite  frankly there’s not a lot for a dog to do outside these days, except shiver and whine to be let back in, so she’d just as soon lay on the couch.

Unfortunately for Lucy she is a dog.  Cats have the litter box option, but dogs are not so lucky and must occasionally leave the house. This is accomplished by a combination of bribes, physical force, and promises to stand by the door until she is ready to come back in.

This last requirement, standing guard while the dog does her business, is rather tedious, but necessary.  If I don’t watch her she’ll just pretend to go so she can hurry back in the house. I try to be patient and control my chattering teeth as she picks her  way around the yard, all the while glancing anxiously in my direction to make sure I haven’t abandoned her.

Poor doggie, I can  only imagine how I’d feel if every time I had to go to the bathroom it meant trekking barefoot and coatless through snow up to my belly.   I would be even less  enthusiastic about the prospect than Lucy is. In fact I might just come back in the house, pull a blanket over my head and hibernate.

Now in theory, hibernating is not a bad idea – for a dog.  You stay warm, you don’t get into your usual amount of trouble, and the time would seem to pass quite pleasantly.  There is one problem though. Hibernating bears don’t eat and ultimately end up skinny.  Because they are bored, semi-hibernating dogs live to eat, and consequently end up fat.  I’m afraid that by the end of the season I’ll have a roley poley butter ball dog.

fat dogWhat to do with dogs in the winter?   It’s not like animals can go to the gym – although there’s an idea someone should work on – I’d sign up for a gym that had an exercise doggie daycare attached. I think there’s an outdoor mall downtown that lets you bring your pooch, but that’s quite a drive, and my husband takes her out for walks whenever the roads and sidewalks melt, but that still leaves a lot of down time.

I was discussing this matter with  the author of  they have a large dog in an apartment in Singapore, and she suggested day care where the dogs can romp with their friends, and more indoor play. What do you think? Any ideas?

Do you have a snoringly bored winter dog?  What do you do?  I’d love to hear from you, and so would Lazy Lucy.


Five Minute Friday Write – Good Dog Lucy


I have a dog named Lucy.  I’m creating a picture post on her, so have been thinking about her, so will write about her.  She is not exactly mine, let’s call her my grand dog.  A couple of years ago my husband and I had to put our faithful dog of 12 years to sleep and it was heartbreaking.  Surprisingly we discovered that we were not feeling like replacing her.  We missed her terribly, but didn’t miss the mess in the back yard, the vet bills etc.  We were dogless.  Done with that.  Then my daughter’s boyfriend got her a puppy for her birthday.  Oh boy – a darling little weimer mix.  The boyfriend was going to keep it at his house.  Hah! The boyfriend worked full-time and lived alone.  You all know what happened.  Now the boy friend is gone and the dog is not. She got in a lot of trouble the first summer, we tore our hair . . .  shes better now, though still goofy.  Good dog Lucy.