Rosie Bear Retires

Rosie Bear

As many of you know, this blog originated in 2013 as “The Library Lady and Rosie Bear”.  While I wrote adult book reviews and web content, my lifelong friend and teddy bear Rosie, focused on children’s book reviews  and acted as adviser on all things blog related.

At this time, I am sad to announce Rosie’s  retirement. At the age of 61, she feels it is time to explore her options.  I can’t wait to see what fun plans this adventurous brown bear has in mind. Rosie’s parting words? “Read till your eye falls off.” Excellent advice for all.

As for the blog, it will  continue without her (bearly) and in the future will  be known as The Library Lady Writes.  For a humorous look at the world in general, travel tips and whatever else crosses my mind, please continue to read and follow.  I’m grateful for those who have been with me all these years, and hope to continue our acquaintance. Best to all!


Ahhh! – Blog Malfunction

News flash! To anyone who recently received a post from library Lady and Rosie Bear, entitled Dog Tales, Cleverly Disguised.  It was supposed to be a photo post, not a poem or Haiku, or whatever it appears to be.  Unfortunately the pictures did not appear and I have no idea why.

I like to think that I have this blogging thing down, but every now and then something like this happens and I just have to shake my head.  I can’t fix this.  It’s out there for all to see, in all it’s ungainly glory, and the worst thing is that I spent a significant amount of time on those pictures!!! Oh well, moving on.

OH NO!  I just checked the reader and now there’s two versions of it.  Can you believe it?  It’s not enough that I embarrass myself once, now it’s there again.  Did I publish it twice?  Is it republishing itself every few minutes?!? I can only imagine what my e-mail folowers are thinking at this point –  “Stop sending me stuff!”

General cringing going on here. I think need to go for a walk.

Have you ever had anything go wrong on a post you were trying to publish?