Four Paws Up!

Rosie Bear

Rosie Bear

Rosie Bear here, fresh from a long winter’s nap – yawn. I actually had no intention of hibernating this year as I had way too many books to read, but one night last October, I was reading a long, looong book, and the next thing I know – it’s March!  Anyway, it’s time to get back to work.

As some of you may know, my friend the Library Lady had a falling out with the PBS series, Downton Abby.  (  As a result, even though her husband, and that ridiculous dog Lucy still stayed glued to the set on Sunday evenings, the Library Lady swore off all things Downton. Well, I bet I can get her to change her mind . . .  with this!

The Missing Diamond By Nick Page

The Missing Diamond
By Nick Page

Mouseton Abby – The Missing Diamond,  is unbearably cute and everyone will want to read it. Mouseton Abby originally belonged to the monastic mice of the Stinky brotherhood of the Holy Goatcheese, but it eventually ended up in the hands of Sir Roquefort, the Earl of Mouseton.

This mysterious story is filled with lots of fun characters, with many cheesy names like the Dowager Countess Lady Gouda. As the story goes, Lord Roquefort, who is very forgetful, loses the Great Cheesy Diamond, right before the annual celebration of Cheesemas, and the hunt is on.

Mouston Abby is a fun book for the cubs, and also for Mama and Papa bears especially if they like Downton Abby, which the Library Lady doesn’t, but she might give it a second chance after seeing this cute book!

Speaking of great books.  Here’s another must read.

By Amy Hest

By Amy Hest

Mr. George Baker is a Reading Rainbow book, and rightly so since it’s all about one of my beary favorite subjects – Reading. Mr. George Baker  is a hundred years old.  He’s sitting on the front porch of his house waiting for his friend Mr. Harry “in charge”, who is five.  When Harry arrives, he tells us about Mr. Baker and  his crumpled hat and long stretchy legs in saggy baggy pants with pockets full of candy.

They wait, and talk about some of  the things Mr. Baker  learned over the years, and some of the things he didn’t.  One of the didn’t is learn to read.

“That must be corrected”, he says.

Finally the wait is over. They stand and walk to the street as the school bus arrives, and  Mr. Baker and Harry both get on the bus. Though everyone wants Mr. Baker to sit with them, he always sits by Harry. When they get to the school, Harry goes to his room, and Mr. Baker goes to room 7 with the other adults who are  . . . learning to read.

This  honey of a book, also has furry beautiful pictures. You won’t sleep through this one!

Four Paws UP!

Four Paws UP!

Downton Abby – Emphasis on the Down

So did anyone watch Downton Abby last night?  What’d you think?  I think  I’m about done with this show.  I won’t go into detail for those who haven’t seen it yet, but the new storyline with Anna and Bates is too bleak, too sad, and rather disturbing. Basically, more than I want to deal with at this time in my life.

It’s unfortunate, because I  loved this show.  Downton Abby, like it’s counterparts Larkrise to Candleford, and Cranford has always been delightful, witty, fun and uplifting, and while everyone has their problems, things usually work out without adding too much stress to my day.

Last night’s episode of DA was different.  I feel vaguely sad and haunted by  Anna’s fate, and  I’m angry at the writers for dreaming up this situation in the first place.  Now while I understand that the storyline is very realistic –  things like this happened to servants in those days, especially to women, but it still seemed unnecessary. Kind of like the writer’s are grasping at straws to keep the ratings up, but  at poor Anna’s expense.

I guess in a way my reaction is a compliment to the writing staff. The fact that I apparently care so much about these fictional characters must mean  the show is well written and  engaging. The problem is, I watch these shows to escape from the difficulties of the world.  In the past I’ve always been entertained by Downton Abby, and looked forward each week to seeing what crazy thing happened next, but suddenly  I find . . . I don’t want to know.

Too bad  Julian Fellows. You just lost a viewer, and I suspect I’m not the only one.