DP Challenge: Not A Party Thrower

party hatMy Mom is a party thrower.  She loves to entertain. She has the neighbors over for cards, for brunch, and for no reason whatsoever.  I admire that quality in others, the ability to gather people together and show them a good time. My father on the other hand was  more reserved.  He was a truck driver, and very intelligent in his humble way.  A great lover of the written word, he read voraciously.

I am my father’s daughter.  I love to read and write, and am perfectly happy with no one but myself for company.  My idea of a  good time is to curl up in a comfy chair with Jane Austin or Charlotte Bronte, (all the better if hot cocoa or snow is involved).

Needless to say, I am not a party thrower.  The very idea of hosting a big soiree gives me hives. All that preparation – deciding what to serve, the complications of a guest list and invitations – it’s all too much. Worst of all, what if nobody comes?

What if you throw a party and nobody comes? Now there’s an idea I’d like to strike from my psyche, since in all it’s variations, it holds me back from trying things I really want to do. Being in charge of the community art show for instance, submitting my writing to a publisher,  or most recently, writing a blog. I get very whiney when asked to step out of the box. But over the years I’ve decided that just because it isn’t in my nature to do something, doesn’t mean I can’t.

I now have some great artist friends, some of my writing has been published, and I’ve been blogging for a month. I have 29 followers! Yes twenty-nine!  Don’t laugh those of you with casts of thousands, because I am thrilled, and 29 is better than zero, which is what I would have had if I hadn’t tried.

Moving out of your comfort zone is never easy, but it can be quite fun – Woohoo!, Look at me, I have a blog! And to my small band of followers I’d like to say this – I appreciate you all, and . . .  thanks for coming to my party!

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