Beary Beautiful Book Nominees

GRR, this is Rosie Bear again. Many people have asked whether I plan to hibernate this winter. I say NO WAY, I have too many books to read.Today I’m spotlighting two nominees for the Rosie Bear Beautiful Book Award.  I’ll mention  several of these throughout the year, and  on the one-year anniversary of this blog, the Library lady and her friends will vote for the winner.  Here’s two of my favorites

saturdays and teacakesSaturdays and Tea Cakes

Story by Lester Laminack
Paintings by Chris Soentpiet

If you could see this book in person, you’d know that this tiny photo doesn’t do it justice.  Saturday’s and  Tea Cakes is one of the most splendiferous picture books this little brown bear has ever seen. Artist  Chris Soentpiet gets 4 paws and ten claws up.

The story, set in the 1940’s, is  about a young boy who rides his bike to Grandma’s house one Saturday to help with her chores.  On the way he passes through a small town, populated by classic cars, an old-time gas station, and quaint houses and shops.  In the countryside he rides by sweeping meadows and peaceful country farms. But it’s the  scenes at Grandmas’ house that really make the book.

After greetings and hugs, the two sit down in Grandma’s cozy kitchen, with its red formica countertops, 40’s dinette set, and vintage everything.   In return for  the boy’s help with  chores, Grandma makes her special  Tea Cakes for a treat. Later they rest and visit on a front porch surrounded by Snapdragons and Hollyhocks. As the day wanes,  it’s time for the boy to return home.

This gentle book  would make a wonderful gift for a grandchild, or grandparent.  It’s all about  family, and the special love that bonds the generations.

water dance

Water Dance

by Thomas Locker

Water Dance is another gorgeous book. Illustrated by oils on canvas, it shows us water in all  its varied and beautiful forms.

At the foot of the mountains:
I leap from a stone cliff.
Spiraling . Plunging.
I am the waterfall.

At other times I am drawn upward by warm sunlight:
In white -silver veils I rise.
I disappear into the air.
I am the mist.

At the end of the book there is an excellent explanation of the water cycle that any parent or teacher could use for further discussions.  Either as a teaching tool, or  a cozy read before bed-time, Water Dance is a grrreat book for the cubs.